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Therapeutic work to activate the lightness and fluidity of the body’s  subtle systems of energy. 

Akashic Records

with Lolo

Through the connection with the Akasha, we can have glimpse at Past Lives Experiences, the Present and the possibilities of the Future. Thanks to the channeling of this information, it provides Clarity and Insights to help you in your journey of Self-Knowledge.

90 min |  115 USD

Energetic Harmonization

with Martita

Sweeping lower vibrations, negative bonding and mental and emotional distress using Reiki and Pranic Healing, our healer leads you through a light visualization journey. It promotes re-energization and containment of the Auric and physical body. Ps. Expect to meet the coolest and cutest Grandma!

90 min | 115 USD


A Japanese technique growing in popularity, Reiki acknowledges the existence of a universal life force in Chinese medicine Qi, and in India prana. It is a deeply relaxing experience that helps clear, extract, centre and smooth your vital energy.

60 min |  100 USD

Sound Journey

Regulate your nervous system through breathwork, binaural sounds & overtones and reiki.

Access Theta & Delta brain frequencies to reach altered states of awarness

90 min | 115 USD


Disease and emotions can change the body’s pH and cause harm to our health. When the body is too acidic or too alkaline, pathogens linger. An original Mexican therapy developed in

the 80s, Biomagnetism identifies the body’s natural bio-magnetic points and uses magnets to bring the pH to neutral, aiding in the release of harmful foreign bodies.

60 min | 100 USD